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"My experience with Sheldon and seeing her work with others is that she welcomes you with open arms and an open heart, sharing her love, acceptance, and support. She offers her insights received from the universe that help to empower; making you Your Own Life Coach. After losing her two sons, she has gone onto a new career to help others find the strength as she had for herself—to be the best you can be in body, mind, and spirit. Let her share some of her incredible and inspirational energy with you. You won’t be disappointed, as she is Real with her spiritual guidance."


Scarlette Antonio 

Director, Studio 4 Life Center, Peekskill, NY

"Miracle!  My husband suffered a fall, a hip replacement and then a mild heart attack. The cardiac CT scan still showed elevated scores, there were no emergent issues and my husband was cleared for acute rehab versus palliative care. We, his family, were joyous. There is no question that Sheldon’s prayerful intervention and remarkable energy healing reversed a frightening downward 10- day life and death spiral. She shifted the needle! 


Sheldon Greene is an astounding healer. In my time of need, Sheldon was an oasis of serenity, a refuge from the storm, the understanding and archetypical earth mother who reminded me of who I really am. My spiritual North Star. With boundless gratitude,"



“Sheldon is a vibrant spirit who speaks from her heart and resonates with compassion.” 


Matthew S.

Licensed Message Therapist, Reiki Master, 

Meditation Instructor, Cortlandt Manor, NY

"So moving. Speaks to me and makes me wonder about the other side. Shelly, you truly bring a spiritual side out of me."

Debbie G. 

Redhook, NY

"Sheldon Greene is able to work with you on a cellular level. She helps you to create new programs and time lines and shift you out of old patterns."

Nadine Gordon Taylor 

Intuitive Artist, The Third Eye Studio, Peekskill, NY

"I had a chance meeting with Sheldon several weeks ago at the studio of an artist friend of hers. Although this was not a formal session and I had not paid for her services, Sheldon generously offered her impressions and insights, along with helpful suggestions for addressing some of the stored life experiences that can impact our health. She also detected without my mentioning that I suffer from chronic headaches.  


One such suggestion proved to be very prescient as it helped me to reconnect (in a brand new way) to an aspect of my own creative energy that I had too long neglected. I think sometimes we throw up our own roadblocks and just need a little help to nudge them out of the way.


Thank you Sheldon for your positivity, warmth and insight... you are a soul whisperer!"



Ossining, NY

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